Commission Inquiries

✨ Commission Inquiries ✨


Are your commissions open right now?

Yes! You can place an order right now on my Etsy shop.

How do I go about placing an order with you?

At your convenience, please:

  1. πŸ› Place an order for your custom portrait illustrations, which you can do on my Etsy shop.

  2. 🏑 Provide me with as many images as you can of the subjects.

    1. For Home Portraits I can work with really low-res images. I have even made pieces completely from Google Maps screen grabs! Still, clear images are always preferred.

    2. For People Portraits Please provide clear imagery of everyone you would like included in the photo. I can compose people together even if figures are not together in the reference photo, so that is no problem.

    3. Additional Information I like my customers to be as involved in the creative process as they want to be. If you have a vision for your piece, let’s chat and make sure that is included. If you would rather be hands-off, I am happy to take the creative reins.

  3. πŸ•“ Please allow 2-3 weeks for the illustration work, and an additional week for delivery.

Looking forward to collaborating with you on these creations!

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